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  • Events

  • EVENTS AND PRODUCTION Tell us what kind of event or production you want us to organise, what is being celebrated, what is being presented, what we need to put in place so that we can start to work as a team. Birthday parties, welcome home parties, farewell parties, anniversaries, inaugurations, graduation parties, s[...]
  • About us

  • ABOUT US We are Irene Misas and Águeda Peña; advertising professionals, wedding planners, business partners and friends. As well as organising and managing weddings, parties and events, we reinvent spaces to get the most out of the setting. Each season, we showcase our most special set designs, in which we use a ver[...]
  • Weddings

  • WEDDINGS We take care of every aspect of planning, designing and decorating your wedding. From coordinating and managing providers contracted by you or ourselves, to designing and decorating different spaces. We advise you in decision-making, independently of the services that you contract. There is no conflict [...]